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Learning Poverty Free Nation

In India, currently, children are unable to read their grade-level textbooks which leads to lack of interest in learning and thus absenteeism. The resulting learning gap will eventually lead to them dropping out of schools, early marriages and child labour. 50% of the children drop out of education before high school and join the informal job market leading to poor health and loss of human capital for the nation.


My mother played a very important role in getting me the education I have now. I believe every child, everywhere deserves quality education. As I got support from my mother when I was a child, I want to give the same support to children through PILLALA KOSAM. 


- Youth Volunteer

On my first day as a volunteer, the children were unable to speak and had some barriers. Gradually, they started sharing. One day, they spoke in front of 300 senior professors and senior officers from the education department. I was afraid that the children might be stressed but they shared everything.


- Youth Volunteer

 If the children cannot go to education, education must go to them. Pillala Kosam bridges that gap. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Parent Volunteer

I believe that it is the best platform for students to improve their skills and for children to learn.


- Youth Volunteer

We support the children as if we were their brothers and sisters, so they never feel lost.

- Youth Volunteer

It is a small step to improve children's education. Even though it is small, it is a life-changing idea for them. Let's be role models for them and be their supporters forever.


- Youth Volunteer

It started with the intention of bringing positive change to society. I hope more youth will join and support the bright future of the children.

- Youth Volunteer

There should not be discrimination between children. We have to support them and impart our values to help them learn things in a creative way.


- Youth Volunteer

Our school conducted public showcases for parents to involve in the learning process of their children. A parent said they had never imagined their child acting on stage, he was so shy. They said they now have some hope that their kid will do good in life.


- Youth Volunteer

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We want to improve learning and well-being of children in villages through youth as a local catalyst of change. The local youth that is identified as a village volunteer will be trained and tasked to deliver the following Learning and Awareness Program at the Village Learning Centre:

1. Weekly Learning Program for Children

2. Monthly Awareness Program for Parents

We're working with local leaders to find volunteers in each district. Our goal is to make every village a place where kids can learn and grow up healthy. We also want to help young people develop important skills like communication and problem-solving.

Global Goals

We work on SDG 3 and SDG 4 based on the 17 SDG goals given by United Nations.

Timeline of our work

Meet the Team

Abhijit Biswas

Partnerships & Funding

Determined, History, Cinema, Sketching

Romila Gillella

Program Design & Training

Courageous, Dogs, Books, Movies

Asra Fatima

Operations & Monitoring

Resilient, Nature, Reading, Walking

Gudala Sri Sai Ganesh

Project Lead

Commitment, Music, Travelling, Making Prototypes

Mahveen Mohammedi

Communications Lead

Persistent, Cinema, Photography, Zines

Kamunpally Meenakshi

Team Lead

Loyal, Reliable, Music, Drawing 

Merupula Pavan

Team Lead

Calm, Music, Games, Curious

Gopi Shivani

Team Lead

Compassionate, Painting, Books, Art

Jadhav Komal

Team Lead

Responsible, Kind, Cooking, Music

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" No real change in History has ever been achieved by discussions. "

- Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

NFHS - 5 Survey states that, 35.5% of children under age five years in India are malnourished

In Telangana, 60% children are poor in their foundational literacy and numeracy skills as per NAS data

Telangana ranks 27 out of 29 states on foundational learning levels as per National Achievement Survey 2021.

As per PISA, India ranks 72 out of 73 countries in mathematics, science and reading

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