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Jan Siksha Sabha

Education for Liberation

As of now, we are currently working with 13 Volunteers in Rallaguda, Thondupally, Satamrai, Kapugadda, Airport Colony and Kothwalguda in Shamshabad Mandal of Rangareddy district. All these volunteers are enabling communication skills and basic mathematical skills for those children who are unable to cope up with their academics.

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Education for All

Ensuring Confidence, Communication and basic Numerical Ability in Children


Public Health Survey

We visited PHCs (Public Health Centers), subcenters and CHCs (Community Health Centers) in 5 most remotest places in Telangana State. They are Nekonda (Warangal), Utnoor (Adilabad), Kondurg and Chowderigudem (Rangareddy), Damara Gidda and Doulthabad (Mahabubnagar), Mulakalapalli and Dummugudem (Bhadradri - Kothagudem). The purpose of this survey is to understand the quality and capacity of our primary health care management. As we all know, that pandemic exposed the poor health management systems in the country. We, the team at Bharat Dekho set out to understand what, why and how of the PHCs, CHCs and sub-centers.

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Migrant Labour Crisis - May 2020

Food and Employment Crisis

Many of the migrant labour in Telangana either with food or arranging transport back to their hometowns. This is one of the most difficult crisis where you have seen many people and young children die without food and money on their way back home. Many of them lost their jobs post pandemic leading an economic crisis in the households back in the hometowns of these workers.

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